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Short videos covering
various insolvency and restructuring topics

Insolvency Update Webinar

Insolvency Updates with Ginette Muller and Patrick Coghlan, covering the why, what, where, when and how of Safe Harbour and other options, plus a live questions and answer session.

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Closing a Business In Australia

In this short video, Ginette explains Voluntary De-registration of a Company and the related rules.

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What is Safe Harbour?

A explainer video describing Safe Harbour and how it can benefit struggling businesses, in clear and simple terms.

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Phoenixing Activity - legitimate or fraudulent?

Dodgy director activity through phoenixing is becoming more common. A fiery topic directed at specific industries, particularly construction, with directors jumping ship from one business to set up another in quick succession.

CreditorWatch seeks expert advice and insights from Ginette Muller and Peter Gosnell, Editor at Insolvency News Online giving their views and sharing their experiences. They discuss means by which debtors contemplating phoenixing can be identified.

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