Small Business Restructuring Appointments – A Success Story

SBR Statistics show significant take-up by Corporate Entities

The Small Business Restructuring Process (SBR) & Simplified Liquidation (SCVL), was introduced on 1 January 2021 to assist small businesses suffering financial distress.  The take-up was initially very slow, but now it is off and running as the appointments in 2024 show.  As more advisors and businesses become familiar with the process there are likely to be significant increases in these numbers.  SBR is attractive to director’s of small companies because they are significantly more cost effective than (say) a voluntary administration and can avoid liquidation if caught early enough and the Plan proposed to creditors is realistic.


                                                    APPOINTMENTS YEAR TO DATE 2024

                                                                                                Last updated on 9 April 2024
     No.                         Company Name                         ACN          Appointed      State                           Firm
431Bodyrok Fitness Studio Pty Ltd160 696 8199/04/2024VICRodgers Reidy
430Future Currency Group Pty Ltd629 537 9179/04/2024QLDWorrells
429Heavy Vehicle Alignments Pty Ltd152 034 8239/04/2024VICWorrells
428Orions Belt Pty Ltd132 478 5078/04/2024NSWBCR Advisory
427Barwon Occupational Therapy Pty Ltd624 600 6398/04/2024VICAS Advisory
426All Brothers Unite Pty Ltd634 161 7748/04/2024QLDVincents
425Mastertech International Pty Ltd605 197 9488/04/2024NSWAston Chace Group
424Chicken Factory Pty Ltd620 050 8488/04/2024NSWGreengate Advisory
423Hammered Constructions Australia Pty Ltd634 066 1678/04/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
422Tommy’s Tipper Pty Ltd144 562 3908/04/2024VICDye & Co
421Divas 27 Pty Ltd656 640 0966/04/2024NSWQuartz Advisory
420Distinctive Timbers Tasmania Pty Ltd169 707 6355/04/2024NSWOlvera Advisors
419ERG1 Pty Ltd644 391 1315/04/2024NSWPKF
418Dustin Enterprises NSW Pty Ltd602 580 6475/04/2024NSWTI Group (NSW) Pty Ltd
417SCC Electrical & Communications Pty Ltd628 858 4355/04/2024VICRodgers Reidy
416Australian Lifestyle Furniture Pty Ltd151 119 1495/04/2024NSWAston Chace Group
415Qepoxy Pty Ltd628 159 4285/04/2024QLDBRI Ferrier
414Apex Build Pty Ltd611 908 2334/04/2024NSWJones Partners
413QCD Quest Construction & Design Pty Ltd603 852 6244/04/2024NSWRaft Consulting
412TFO Enterprises Pty Ltd640 871 1104/04/2024NSWChifley Advisory
411Doctors Move Pty Ltd603 290 9644/04/2024NSWJones Partners
410First Nation Concrete Group Pty Ltd602 493 8724/04/2024NSWWorrells
409Platinum Executive Group Pty Ltd119 268 8983/04/2024VICWorrells
408Hunter Valley Joinery Pty Ltd641 797 5883/04/2024NSWSV Partners
407Nikolas Pty Ltd648 959 8803/04/2024QLDWorrells
406Reliance Plumbing Australia Pty Ltd121 696 9373/04/2024NSWJirsch Sutherland
405St Andrews Pub Pty Ltd625 654 6043/04/2024VICSMB Advisory
404JJ Functional Training Pty Ltd603 475 1723/04/2024QLDRevive
403Chesterfield Furniture Factory Pty Ltd160 705 0373/04/2024NSWBCR Advisory
402Jacob’s Bakery Pty Ltd095 365 3703/04/2024QLDB&T Advisory
401Rebellion Brewing Pty Ltd106 079 9943/04/2024VICWorrells
400DC House Pty Ltd604 265 9742/04/2024QLDJirsch Sutherland
399Ready Teacher Pty Ltd168 539 0172/04/2024QLDRevive
398Totara Group Pty Ltd612 441 4242/04/2024QLDWorrells
397Euro Med Pty Ltd092 815 9262/04/2024NSWBCR Advisory
396Jesey Investments Pty Ltd143 779 9262/04/2024QLDRobson Cotter
395Wesley Enterprises Pty Ltd646 429 5582/04/2024QLDGT Advisory 
394Head 2 Toe Pty Ltd626 766 9072/04/2024NSWWorrells
393Synergistic Brands Pty Ltd ATF Synergistic Brands Unit Trust153 548 8351/04/2024ACTSlaven Torline
392LEGALX (Aust) Pty Ltd164 509 6201/04/2024ACTSlaven Torline
391Canberra Lawyers Pty Limited ATF RSK Unit Trust164 509 6931/04/2024ACTSlaven Torline
390Play On Words Speech Pathology Pty Ltd619 763 82531/03/2024QLDWorrells
389ICBM Pty Ltd642 628 47528/03/2024QLDMcleods Accounting
388PBL Law Group Pty Ltd142 219 19028/03/2024NSWShaw Gidley
387TGF Group Pty Ltd657 148 32228/03/2024QLDJirsch Sutherland
386Packmasters International Pty Ltd099 837 95728/03/2024NSWScott Turner
385J.D. Fenton Plumbing & Drainage Pty Ltd625 230 74828/03/2024VICSV Partners
384Axil Richmond Pty Ltd (As Trustee For “Axil Richmond Unit Trust”)634 589 96928/03/2024VICSV Partners
383Axil Wesley Place Pty Ltd (As Trustee For “Axil Wesley Place Unit Trust”)638 871 76228/03/2024VICSV Partners
382Patulous Pty Ltd615 203 38228/03/2024QLDRobson Cotter
381Cool Choice Air Conditioning Pty Ltd627 999 11528/03/2024QLDSV Partners
380West End Baking Company Pty Ltd636 762 72428/03/2024QLDRevive
379NYC Bagel Company Pty Ltd634 406 69828/03/2024QLDRevive
378SG Investment Group Pty Ltd ATF SG Unit Trust622 338 06928/03/2024QLDRevive
377Jorgensen Contractors Pty Ltd 125 608 78228/03/2024QLDRevive
376Precision Palms Pty Ltd633 998 13328/03/2024QLDSV Partners
375TGF Group Pty Ltd657 148 32228/03/2024QLDJirsch Sutherland
374Hewitson Homes Pty Ltd610 829 85928/03/2024NSWRaft Consulting
373Hillside Real Estate Pty Ltd145 990 06728/03/2024NSWOlvera Advisors
372Om Shalom Hair & Makeup Pty Ltd157 861 82028/03/2024NSWRapsey Griffiths
371EK Contracting Pty Ltd631 512 45728/03/2024NSWOlvera Advisors
370Fly on IT142 777 59928/03/2024VICAPL Insolvency
369Blossom Support Services Pty Ltd645 579 81728/03/2024SAHall Chadwick
368Asdem Deconstructions Pty Ltd630 450 00128/03/2024QLDB&T Advisory
367007 Transport Pty Ltd607 571 20028/03/2024NSWHamilton Murphy 
366PBL Law Group Pty Ltd142 219 91928/03/2024NSWShaw Gidley
365Ronnie Smeelie Rigging Pty Ltd619 080 93828/03/2024VICWorrells
364Molten Store Sales Pty Ltd604 446 14827/03/2024QLDSV Partners
363Duck Duck Goose Dumpling Bar Pty Ltd652 127 56527/03/2024NSWSmith Hancock
362Cortex Digital Pty Ltd624 684 38627/03/2024NSWSmith Hancock
361Goldfields Collision Centre Pty Ltd620 952 11427/03/2024QLDRevive
360Carlyle Executive Search Pty Ltd115 405 33127/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
359Carlyle Kingswood Global Pty Ltd165 084 34627/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
358B Baker Pty Ltd605 279 55227/03/2024WAWorrells
357Thomsen Builders & Carpenters Pty Ltd634 183 12727/03/2024NSWJones Partners
356Carlton Communicators Pty Ltd089 170 64126/03/2024NSWRestructuring Works
355Optimum Performance Training Pty Ltd128 542 23626/03/2024NSWInsolvency Options 
354CM Electrical Contracting Pty Ltd636 383 75026/03/2024TASRodgers Reidy
353Ocean Shores Smash Repairs Pty Ltd151 893 94426/03/2024QLDRevive
352Northbrook Constructions Pty Ltd604 762 49626/03/2024QLDSV Partners
351Pollo Loco Pty Ltd604 305 75926/03/2024TASHamilton Calvert Advisory 
350Absolute Aluminium Pty Ltd603 834 57326/03/2024NSWGreengate Advisory
349Cole Building Services Pty Ltd157 722 21126/03/2024NSWWorrells
348VS Civil Pty Ltd635 736 82826/03/2024NSWGreengate Advisory
347TSN Group Pty Ltd606 451 00326/03/2024NSWGreengate Advisory
346McBride Built Pty Ltd as Trustee for McBride Family Trust168 413 41026/03/2024VICHall Chadwick
345Aztro Pty Ltd096 038 61226/03/2024NSWBCR Advisory
344SAI Vet Pty Ltd622 896 36025/03/2024QLDRevive
343LCH All Metal Fabrications Pty Ltd601 738 53225/03/2024QLDRevive
342Tescher & Forge Pty Ltd601 939 55725/03/2024VICLangdonGrant
341212 High Pty Ltd613 217 99525/03/2024VICHamilton Murphy 
340Southwest Food Service Equipment Pty Ltd141 867 79025/03/2024NSWBCR Advisory
339Expert Plumbing and Solar Services Bathurst Pty Ltd614 888 81825/03/2024VICI & R Advisory
338Ark Coatings Pty Ltd636 547 35225/03/2024VICWorrells
33713-17 Sturton Road Pty Ltd628 838 80825/03/2024SATarquin Koch 
336Brookhaven Homes Pty Ltd628 542 47825/03/2024QLDWorrells
335Hammond & Moran Pty Ltd619 720 08023/03/2024NSWAston Chace Group
334Direct Trading Co Pty Ltd643 671 11223/03/2024QLDRevive
333Rami Settlement Pty Ltd641 965 25522/03/2024SASV Partners
332Small Axe Provisions Pty Ltd as the Trustee for Pruckner and Singh Unit Trust609 133 92222/03/2024VICHall Chadwick
331Red Line Productions Limited603 115 19922/03/2024NSWRestructuring Works
330Talent United Pty Ltd631 277 80022/03/2024QLDRevive
329Great Silver Ocean Pty Ltd618 561 57822/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
328Employ Sweet Pty Ltd635 985 29622/03/2024NSWChifley Advisory
327Success WA Pty Ltd146 503 90622/03/2024WAWorrells
326TEC Concreting Systems Pty Ltd607 270 49522/03/2024QLDVincents
325Simpl Recruitment Pty Ltd165 186 80922/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
324Point Polaris (Vic) Pty Ltd156 660 73022/03/2024VICSV Partners
323Peter Unger Catering Pty Ltd163 170 67022/03/2024VICCJG Advisory
322Easy Train Australia Pty Ltd645 085 33821/03/2024NSWWorrells
321Mastaflow Plumbing & Electrical Service Pty Ltd ATF Mastaflow Plumbing Services Trust167 336 33421/03/2024QLDRevive
320Mikey’s Pizza Pty Ltd620 465 19821/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
319Solarark Australia Pty Ltd ATF Solarark Australia617 647 04221/03/2024QLDRevive
318Novo Stone Pty Ltd149 704 07621/03/2024VICWorrells
317Dinvision Pty Ltd128 119 74621/03/2024VICDye & Co
316The Sly Movement Pty Ltd609 700 84321/03/2024VICWorrells
315Gulf 917 Pty Ltd621 941 52621/03/2024QLDB&T Advisory
314Nightcliff Fermentation Co Pty Ltd641 331 90020/03/2024NSWOlvera Advisors
313Orange Technology Group Pty Ltd ATF Moran Family Trust619 736 80020/03/2024QLDRevive
312E & Y Investments Pty Ltd162 726 95420/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
311Exceed Fencing Pty Ltd612 105 06720/03/2024QLDWorrells
310Double Eight Cruises Pty Ltd660 224 05520/03/2024NSWRaft Consulting
309Donut Daddy Pty Ltd637 533 89820/03/2024VICRodgers Reidy
308Hair & Beauty by Yasmin Pty Ltd606 965 82420/03/2024NSWO’Brien Palmer
307O’Toole Plumbing Pty Ltd125 384 31220/03/2024QLDJirsch Sutherland
306JDK Developments Pty Ltd159 063 02820/03/2024VICWorrells
305SSV Installations Pty Ltd627 618 31119/03/2024QLDSV Partners
304Sons of Sydney Pty Ltd ATF Sons of Sydney Trust630 632 72719/03/2024NSWGrant Thornton
303Crumb Consortium Pty Ltd165 836 95719/03/2024NSWGrant Thornton
302Bizpro (Vic) Pty Ltd120 926 88319/03/2024QLDVincents
301Quality Electrical Projects Pty Ltd628 125 48619/03/2024QLDRevive
300Saliba Plumbing Solutions Pty Ltd605 969 04219/03/2024VICLangdonGrant
299Howard’s Group of Companies Pty Ltd640 010 29719/03/2024QLDWCT Advisory
298Runto Inchoi Pty Ltd623 008 71119/03/2024NSWDV Recovery Management
297AAK Payroll Pty Ltd632 627 36818/03/2024ACTRSM Australia
296Gypsy Monk Pty Ltd634 745 95818/03/2024NSWMackay Goodwin
295AAK Holdings Pty Ltd144 927 35518/03/2024ACTRSM Australia
294Mandu Enterprises Pty Ltd103 007 71818/03/2024QLDMcleods Accounting
293Fencing Solutions (NSW) Pty Ltd112 431 01718/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
292Structural Reinforcements Pty Ltd616 243 92418/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
291Lucky’s Speed Shop Pty Ltd154 666 10918/03/2024NSWMackay Goodwin
290Prime Stoneworks Pty Ltd600 847 98918/03/2024NSWBCR Advisory
289Gascoyne Hotel Pty Ltd618 899 42418/03/2024VICWorrells
288Franchise Fitouts Australasia Pty Ltd612 470 64918/03/2024VICWorrells
287Big Picture Group Pty Ltd as Trustee for the Big Picture Group Corporation Trust137 632 75218/03/2024VICRodgers Reidy
286Bluebird Design and Construction Pty Ltd601 296 59318/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
285Priah CA Pty Ltd639 184 37518/03/2024ACTWorrells
284The Espressonist Pty Ltd611 016 78518/03/2024VICRodgers Reidy
283Lybec Pty Ltd626 330 49816/03/2024QLDSV Partners
282Howler Brewing Company Pty Ltd613 218 54516/03/2024VICWorrells
281Anmiga Pty Ltd003 195 03315/03/2024NSWTI Group (NSW) Pty Ltd
280Uniq Impressions Pty Ltd643 776 23815/03/2024VICWorrells
279Emissa Pty Ltd636 222 79815/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
278BFK (NSW) Pty Ltd619 960 08415/03/2024NSWWorrells
277RMD Glass & Glazing Services Pty Ltd612 152 26215/03/2024VICWorrells
276AMTB Pty Ltd143 140 76515/03/2024VICRodgers Reidy
275Campbell Engineering Pty Ltd001 360 66715/03/2024NSWShaw Gidley
274Stylish Flooring Pty Ltd626 967 04815/03/2024ACTWorrells
273Fusion Wonder Pty Ltd621 235 19415/03/2024NSWDV Recovery Management
272TP Management Pty Ltd122 406 73114/03/2024NSWRestructuring Works
271Northpoint Formwork Pty Ltd631 599 66914/03/2024NSWRaft Consulting
270Storm Construction Group Pty Ltd631 790 90614/03/2024NSWSV Partners
269Integral Wealth Group Pty Ltd632 978 17313/03/2024QLDWorrells
268Integral Advisory Solutions Pty Ltd639 094 95613/03/2024QLDWorrells
267A Cleana People Pty Ltd051 085 59313/03/2024NSWGrant Thornton
266DSB Labour Solutions Pty Ltd618 997 42513/03/2024NSWGreengate Advisory
265Softchill Pty Ltd118 375 95613/03/2024VICPCI Partners
264Yambuk Labour Solutions Pty Ltd649 764 91013/03/2024NSWTaylor Insolvency
263Manyoung FND Pty Ltd638 244 16713/03/2024NSWGreengate Advisory
262The International Baby Whisperer Pty Ltd132 036 34913/03/2024VICRodgers Reidy
261Berrinba Yiros Pty Ltd641 832 29713/03/2024QLDB&T Advisory
260Burleigh Yiros Pty Ltd642 324 96313/03/2024QLDB&T Advisory
259Yiros Worldwide Pty Ltd604 274 79513/03/2024QLDB&T Advisory
258TYS Franchising Pty Ltd619 952 72413/03/2024QLDB&T Advisory
257Medical Amigo’s Pty Ltd164 049 34312/03/2024NSWRestructuring Works
256Property Dragon Pty Ltd601 091 89212/03/2024NSWRestructuring Works
255Escapades Group Pty Ltd618 651 58612/03/2024SASV Partners
254AGC Auto Gate (Aust) Pty Ltd636 874 97012/03/2024NSWBCR Advisory
253Ausfit Projects Pty Ltd615 201 39712/03/2024NSWBCR Advisory
252Stafford Yiros Pty Ltd637 969 53012/03/2024QLDB&T Advisory
251NM International Pty Ltd141 564 11412/03/2024VICJirsch Sutherland
250Harvest Physio Co Pty Ltd627 207 26512/03/2024TASRodgers Reidy
249System Building Pty Ltd082 991 76812/03/2024VICRodgers Reidy
24820Volts Pty Ltd633 419 82411/03/2024QLDRevive
247Rising Dough Pty Ltd633 653 28211/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
246Regy Build Pty Ltd645 293 93811/03/2024QLDB&T Advisory
245Argo Logic Pty Ltd623 468 92210/03/2024QLDRevive
244Bodyfit Labour Hire Pty Ltd627 471 7568/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
243Bodyfit Leasing Pty Ltd625 741 6758/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
242Bodyfit Miranda Group Pty Ltd627 471 7928/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
241Bodyfit Tramsheds Pty Ltd637 583 5588/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
240Bodyfit Motors Pty Ltd600 278 7248/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
239Bodyfit Aubrun Pty Ltd627 471 7838/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
238Bodyfit Locomotive Pty Ltd635 093 9088/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
237Bodyfit Blacktown Pty Ltd626 284 7408/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
236Bodyfit Marrickville Pty Ltd623 188 2788/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
235Bodyfit Shellharbour Pty Ltd663 680 8408/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
234Bodyfit Eveleigh Pty Ltd631 535 4878/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
233Bodyfit Emerton Pty Ltd630 394 7228/03/2024NSWNicols + Brien
232Sofwo Pty Ltd144 699 6418/03/2024WAHamilton Murphy 
231The Burrow Cabarita Beach Pty Ltd643 244 7778/03/2024QLDMcleods Accounting
230Special Event Presentations Pty Ltd146 822 0318/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
229Madeley Plastering Pty Ltd621 693 4098/03/2024VICSMB Advisory
228JS Automation Solutions & Design Pty Ltd617 733 8108/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
227Sonic Integrated Services Pty Ltd112 171 0528/03/2024NSWJirsch Sutherland
226Goldstar Automotive Pty Ltd153 298 9748/03/2024VICWorrells
225Vision Development Strategies Pty Ltd610 811 2407/03/2024SAOracle Insolvency Services
224Stormer Music Pty Ltd158 621 0537/03/2024NSWSmith Hancock
223Mt Riverview Pty Ltd622 187 3207/03/2024NSWSmith Hancock
222Cucina Australia Pty Ltd605 345 6957/03/2024NSWWestburn Advisory
221Kensington Street Trattoria Pty Ltd608 335 7717/03/2024NSWWestburn Advisory
220Master Enterprises Holdings Pty Ltd137 807 2957/03/2024NSWWestburn Advisory
219Rhodes Holdings Pty Ltd649 509 9917/03/2024NSWWestburn Advisory
218CCS Operating Co Pty Ltd152 464 1707/03/2024NSWWestburn Advisory
217Dixon Excavations & Civil Contracting Pty Ltd630 101 3987/03/2024VICDye & Co
216R & K Engineering Pty Ltd644 356 9907/03/2024NSWBCR Advisory
215Protz Pty Ltd606 164 1216/03/2024QLDWorrells
214Powercom Industries Pty Ltd620 858 4516/03/2024QLDRevive
213NSW Construction Group Pty Ltd136 523 4696/03/2024NSWRaft Consulting
212Absolute Salary Solutions Pty Ltd140 118 3056/03/2024QLDWorrells
211Japaty Pty Ltd106 302 7106/03/2024NSWWorrells
210Central Ocean Pty Ltd631 727 2986/03/2024NSWGreengate Advisory
209Giog Pty Ltd623 740 3946/03/2024VICLangdonGrant
208Shoalhaven Concrete Pumps Pty Ltd601 124 9766/03/2024NSWWorrells
207Meta M8 Pty Ltd658 986 6756/03/2024VICHamilton Murphy 
206Crunchbox Au Pty Ltd ATF Winter Family Trust165 800 8045/03/2024QLDRevive
205Diamond Construction Welding Pty Ltd152 128 8485/03/2024QLDRevive
204TUF Construction Nominees Pty Ltd147 864 4805/03/2024SASV Partners
203Best Choice Care Pty Ltd616 628 1325/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
202QH88 Holdings Pty Ltd605 139 3665/03/2024QLDGT Advisory 
201Rollingball Pty Ltd140 254 8605/03/2024NSWMackay Goodwin
2002B Built Constructions Pty Ltd610 244 8385/03/2024NSWMackay Goodwin
199Navartis Pty Ltd623 081 1215/03/2024NSWO’Brien Palmer
198Caddies @ Mount Compass Pty Ltd630 558 9954/03/2024SABCR Advisory
197Bruin Builders Pty Ltd612 600 8984/03/2024QLDB&T Advisory
196Australia Industrial Contract Services Pty Ltd128 585 3204/03/2024NSWHall Chadwick
195Gixa Core Cut Pty Ltd161 560 5784/03/2024NSWHall Chadwick
194The Allnighter Pty Ltd611 490 1744/03/2024NSWHall Chadwick
193SRD Industries Pty Ltd132 454 1784/03/2024NSWSV Partners
192Clark Labour Hire Pty Ltd169 438 3134/03/2024VICMayfields
191JWCR Enterprises Pty Ltd651 320 5444/03/2024NSWShaw Gidley
190Texco Design Pty Ltd625 317 0443/03/2024NSWGreengate Advisory
189Lunillie Pty Ltd ATF Lunillie Family Trust650 890 7251/03/2024QLDRevive
188Hawa Pty Ltd115 580 5081/03/2024NSWAston Chace Group
187Mainstreet Espresso Pty Ltd632 058 3091/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
186Hungry Baker Hospitality Pty Ltd645 266 9591/03/2024NSWSmith Hancock
185Impact Builders Pty Ltd159 340 9951/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
184Gem Complete Health Services Pty Ltd621 913 3801/03/2024NSWSmith Hancock
183Scrimshaw Investments Pty Ltd148 112 2071/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
182All State Air Pty Ltd123 799 8421/03/2024VICLangdonGrant
181SK Entertainment Pty Ltd167 745 8331/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
180Lolo 19 Pty Ltd630 987 1561/03/2024ACTWorrells
179Reeves Group Services Pty Ltd167 272 1751/03/2024NSWShaw Gidley
178Showtune Productions Pty Ltd623 883 7691/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
177JS Orange Group Pty Ltd618 937 5451/03/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
176Morgan’s Sorrento Vic Pty Ltd637 082 0381/03/2024VICWorrells
175Outland Denim Pty Ltd608 048 12029/02/2024QLDWorrells
174Eprema Holdings Pty Ltd159 775 37229/02/2024VICWorrells
173Kenrik Constructions Pty Ltd627 178 01829/02/2024VICWorrells
172B & M Hall Air Conditioning Pty Ltd159 898 12929/02/2024WAWorrells
171Ricupito Concrete Pty Ltd ATF The Ricupito Family Trust605 270 08629/02/2024VICHamilton Murphy 
170New Leaf Advisory Pty Ltd161 204 76228/02/2024QLDRevive
169Ink Animation Pty Ltd644 185 08028/02/2024QLDRevive
168Grace Outdoors Pty Ltd623 738 95628/02/2024NSWO’Brien Palmer
167420Fam Pty Ltd631 064 64328/02/2024NSWMackay Goodwin
166Morning Owl Pty Ltd621 329 37928/02/2024NSWWorrells
1653TL Pty Ltd602 208 95328/02/2024VICLangdonGrant
164Quoter Pty Ltd135 231 28427/02/2024NSWAston Chace Group
163World For Kids Pty Ltd158 303 84527/02/2024NSWRaft Consulting
162AFCO Global Pty Ltd618 927 20927/02/2024NSWJirsch Sutherland
161The Wolves Den Enterprises Pty Ltd ATF The Wolves Den Unit Trust615 707 59027/02/2024QLDRevive
160Kingicrete Pty Ltd627 425 43227/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
159Kingicretevic Pty Ltd650 900 99527/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
158Momillions Pty Ltd153 419 72226/02/2024VICWorrells
157EGN Media Pty Ltd603 688 87523/02/2024QLDRevive
156Ridgewood 2 Pty Ltd168 147 45723/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
155Earlesbate Pty Ltd144 076 28223/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
154B8 Powders Pty Ltd633 594 43923/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
153Omorfia Hair & Makeup Pty Ltd618 595 91223/02/2024QLDRevive
152Creative Construction Services Pty Ltd605 277 27223/02/2024QLDRevive
151Trianon Law Pty Ltd607 320 68723/02/2024QLDWorrells
150Australian Indigenous Leadership Centre Ltd091 455 55123/02/2024NSWRestructuring Works
149Perennial Group Pty Ltd605 773 26023/02/2024NSWChifley Advisory
148PDMCorp Pty Ltd164 990 36323/02/2024QLDWorrells
147Civil Fabrication Pty Ltd156 087 15123/02/2024NSWBCR Advisory
146Plus Clinical Services Pty Ltd604 706 65823/02/2024SATarquin Koch 
145Rapid Plumbing Group Pty Ltd131 332 25322/02/2024NSWMackay Goodwin
144H2Low Plumbing Services Pty Ltd630 528 07722/02/2024NSWJirsch Sutherland
143Mr. Build It Pty Ltd615 892 84322/02/2024NSWSmith Hancock
142Cato Logistics Pty Ltd156 338 62622/02/2024NSWHamilton Murphy 
141S.E. Panels Oakleigh Pty Ltd088 379 98022/02/2024VICIRT Advisory
140Fora Therapy Pty Ltd625 399 24222/02/2024NSWOlvera Advisors
139Tradery Plumbing Pty Ltd616 411 19122/02/2024NSWTI Group (NSW) Pty Ltd
138Baker Technical Services Pty Ltd004 879 19022/02/2024VICSV Partners
137Alive Data (Aus) Pty Ltd630 544 31122/02/2024VICHoganSprowles 
136The Australian Brake Company Pty Ltd114 813 04422/02/2024VICWorrells
135Luxey Pty Ltd630 675 91922/02/2024QLDRevive
134TMT Operations Pty Ltd ATF TMT North Lakes Unit Trust639 882 76921/02/2024QLDRevive
133Beyond the Pale Pty Ltd613 289 54421/02/2024QLDWorrells
132Balance Health and Performance Services Pty Ltd617 767 55821/02/2024QLDRevive
131Australian Boarding Schools International Pty Ltd087 825 91021/02/2024TASRodgers Reidy
130All Styles Pressure Cleaning Pty Ltd609 346 95621/02/2024NSWJones Partners
129EME Systems Pty Ltd612 415 34421/02/2024NSWWorrells
128Visual Advertising Solutions Pty Ltd167 098 70421/02/2024NSWHoganSprowles 
127Rainbow Kids Yoga Pty Ltd168 266 04621/02/2024NSWGrant Thornton
126Dutch Media and Creative Pty Ltd618 080 35420/02/2024NSWShaw Gidley
125DNGLB Pty Ltd612 472 88520/02/2024NSWO’Brien Palmer
124Malt Brewing Company Pty Ltd616 916 12820/02/2024QLDB&T Advisory
123Community Staffing Australia Pty Ltd622 381 29319/02/2024VICWorrells
122Jonah Consultants Pty Ltd098 049 45319/02/2024QLDRevive
121Enzel Pty Ltd108 531 80819/02/2024VICWorrells
120Too Much Happiness Pty Ltd623 596 84119/02/2024NSWGreengate Advisory
119Taki Brothers Pty Ltd114 511 81219/02/2024NSWWestburn Advisory
118Three Little Birds Group Pty Ltd646 421 76719/02/2024SAHall Chadwick
117Mcleay & Paull Holdings Pty Ltd153 119 48719/02/2024QLDWCT Advisory
116Black Magic Lightning & Earthing Solutions Pty Ltd604 258 82616/02/2024NSWGrant Thornton
115Core Community Foundation Ltd662 710 92916/02/2024NSWRestructuring Works
114Marjon Properties Pty Ltd618 965 77216/02/2024QLDMcleods Accounting
113Experience Digital Pty Ltd158 151 58316/02/2024VICBrooke Bird
112GL4ever Pty Ltd150 606 65216/02/2024NSWMerchants Advisory
111We Are Example Pty Ltd615 316 52616/02/2024NSWDW Advisory
110Health Space Newtown Pty Ltd169 766 29615/02/2024NSWPKF
109Healthspace Group Pty Ltd158 647 38815/02/2024NSWPKF
108Healthspace Coogee Pty Ltd611 271 55315/02/2024NSWPKF
107Healthspace Castle Hill Pty Ltd607 916 69215/02/2024NSWPKF
106Healthspace Bondi Pty Ltd609 647 85015/02/2024NSWPKF
105Healthspace Clinics Clearing Pty Ltd600 984 17415/02/2024NSWPKF
104Health Space Pyrmont Pty Ltd630 693 72015/02/2024NSWPKF
103Healthspace Rozelle Pty Ltd609 929 52615/02/2024NSWPKF
102Healthspace Lane Cove Pty Ltd609 929 61515/02/2024NSWPKF
101Healthspace Mona Vale Pty Ltd609 904 84115/02/2024NSWPKF
100Healthspace Burwood Pty Ltd601 862 89115/02/2024NSWPKF
99Healthspace Clinics Pty Ltd ATF Healthspace Trust114 018 41415/02/2024NSWPKF
98Corporate Events Services Pty Ltd113 676 70715/02/2024NSWBCR Advisory
97Design-All Cabinets Pty Ltd121 076 38215/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
96Superior Access Solutions Pty Ltd613 327 62915/02/2024VICBrooke Bird
95Naylor Building & Construction Pty Ltd602 334 29813/02/2024NSWBCR Advisory
94Aris & Co Pty Ltd607 313 16413/02/2024QLDRevive
93Lacour Pty Ltd116 541 46113/02/2024QLDWorrells
92D&T Electrical Pty Ltd ATF ‘D&T Electrical Unit Trust651 289 06613/02/2024QLDRevive
91Cutting Edge Road Maintenance Pty Ltd ATF the Chad Family Trust152 861 32012/02/2024NSWGrant Thornton
90Tektorch Solutions Pty Ltd603 302 24512/02/2024NSWOlvera Advisors
89Rustlers WA Pty Ltd614 187 23612/02/2024WAHamilton Murphy 
88Aussie Blue Roofing Pty Ltd616 935 32912/02/2024SAOracle Insolvency Services
87Hall Shearing Pty Ltd139 750 1829/02/2024NSWGrant Thornton
86Zero Harm Pty Ltd601 757 3959/02/2024QLDSV Partners
85Jeff Hannaford Pty Ltd107 269 1529/02/2024QLDB&T Advisory
84Sai Khodal Associates Pty Ltd ATF Sai Khodal Associates Trust168 304 8728/02/2024NSWOlvera Advisors
83Zeppelin Kitchen Pty Ltd609 362 9788/02/2024VICBrooke Bird
82Charchie Cafe Pty Ltd646 117 7408/02/2024NSWBCR Advisory
81Cordony Styling Pty Ltd651 111 0818/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
80Cordony Projects Pty Ltd651 093 3468/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
79Cordony Group Pty Ltd608 484 9938/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
78Cordony Designs Pty Ltd651 281 0068/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
77Reflect Recruitment Pty Ltd635 269 4578/02/2024VICWorrells
76Total Facades (VIC) Pty Ltd135 204 6987/02/2024VICJirsch Sutherland
75Source Certain Operations Pty Ltd652 957 0727/02/2024WAHamilton Murphy 
74Image Cabinets Pty Ltd090 142 6717/02/2024QLDJirsch Sutherland
73Kylock Constructions Pty Ltd169 956 8257/02/2024QLDMcleods Accounting
72Divetek Australasia Pty Ltd137 656 5657/02/2024QLDRevive
71Baba Levantine Trading Company Pty Ltd130 270 3897/02/2024VICAS Advisory
70The Silver Arc Pty Ltd124 207 4237/02/2024NSWQuartz Advisory
69Masri Painting & Decorating Pty Ltd605 633 7987/02/2024NSWOlvera Advisors
68De Zhuang Australia Pty Ltd617 955 3617/02/2024NSWChifley Advisory
67AMC Commercial Cleaning(4054) Pty Ltd620 642 9266/02/2024NSWJirsch Sutherland
66Brice Trailers Pty Ltd627 976 7926/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
65Campbellfield Truck Services Pty Ltd630 294 5496/02/2024VICWorrells
64Black Money Enterprises Pty Ltd162 248 9466/02/2024NSWO’Brien Palmer
63J & M Milicic Construction Pty Ltd612 020 0785/02/2024VICJirsch Sutherland
62Hillier’s Advisors Pty Ltd ATF Hillier’s Advisors Family Trust602 419 7235/02/2024NSWSV Partners
61Jancode Pty Ltd010 817 3205/02/2024NSWOlvera Advisors
60Estrela Pty Ltd614 782 2865/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
59LGB & Co Pty Ltd614 734 7715/02/2024NSWShaw Gidley
58Thinka Pty Ltd659 914 7805/02/2024VICWorrells
57D B Interior Fitout Pty Ltd166 667 6162/02/2024NSWJones Partners
56Taylor Made Transformations Pty Ltd ATF TMT North Lakes Unit Trust639 884 9142/02/2024QLDRevive
55MGM 1 Pty Ltd128 016 6242/02/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
54Wildman Land Pty Ltd096 492 9471/02/2024NSWFarnsworth Carson
53PJA Productions Pty Ltd ATF Ces Equipment Trust164 272 03931/01/2024QLDRevive
52The Lord Anson Public House Pty Ltd664 237 84331/01/2024NSWMacquarie Gordon & Co
51Fuller Life Australia Pty Ltd649 752 44731/01/2024VICWorrells
50SBT Aus Pty Ltd661 042 99130/01/2024QLDSV Partners
49Bangalow No. 1 Pty Ltd128 442 48230/01/2024QLDSV Partners
48Jentar Pty Ltd113 126 11330/01/2024NSWBCR Advisory
47Lina Rooftop Pty Ltd651 937 27228/01/2024QLDRobson Cotter
46Vintage Universal Pty Ltd141 019 81025/01/2024VICPCI Partners
45Caring for Carers Australia Ltd626 301 65725/01/2024QLDWorrells
44Saadelicious Pty Ltd623 790 36724/01/2024NSWBCR Advisory
43Batman & Robyn Pty Ltd655 167 61424/01/2024QLDDavid Clout & Associates
42Sydneywide Commercial Cleaning Pty Ltd119 576 53724/01/2024NSWChifley Advisory
41Siteforce Recruitment Pty Ltd645 409 29423/01/2024QLDRevive
40Safe Access Services Pty Ltd601 988 39023/01/2024QLDRevive
39SB Fabrications Pty Ltd652 545 52723/01/2024NSWDV Recovery Management
38Duncan Maclean & Associates Pty Ltd160 124 42523/01/2024VICHall Chadwick
37Ramen Danbo Australia Pty Ltd625 124 53023/01/2024QLDB&T Advisory
36Macalline Pty Ltd633 648 57622/01/2024NSWJirsch Sutherland
35Metomego Pty Ltd602 916 45022/01/2024NSWJirsch Sutherland
34Excellency Renovations & Tiling Pty Ltd600 140 17222/01/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
33Tilextra Pty Ltd641 636 58022/01/2024NSWSmall Business Restructuring
32FTK Holdings Pty Ltd106 578 33022/01/2024NSWSV Partners
31The Habitat Company Pty Ltd604 599 90219/01/2024NSWJirsch Sutherland
30SD Professional Services Pty Ltd642 785 85919/01/2024NSWJones Partners
29SD Skilled Services Pty Ltd643 556 62919/01/2024NSWJones Partners
28Okami SA Newton Pty Ltd646 851 58719/01/2024NSWGrant Thornton
27Enjoy Home Pty Ltd632 844 07419/01/2024NSWJirsch Sutherland
26The Habitat Company Pty Ltd604 559 90219/01/2024NSWJirsch Sutherland
25Walker Engineering Pty Ltd625 656 75119/01/2024QLDRevive
241 Zone Pty Ltd601 333 15317/01/2024NSWJirsch Sutherland
23Fix Credit Australia Pty Ltd604 482 05517/01/2024NSWChifley Advisory
22Multiple Storage Solutions Pty Ltd158 378 54817/01/2024VICRodgers Reidy
21Manomay Trading Pty Ltd ATF Manomay Family Trust621 898 95917/01/2024QLDWorrells
20Bar 100 Pty Ltd651 643 26616/01/2024NSWHelm Advisory
19Community Services Business Solutions Pty Ltd654 706 01916/01/2024QLDRevive
18Rhythm N Booze Pty Ltd641 831 97816/01/2024VICWorrells
17A & H Hospitality Pty Ltd626 074 08416/01/2024NSWWorrells
16MEBP Pty Ltd155 012 22116/01/2024NSWRaft Consulting
15NB Projects Pty Ltd661 634 72416/01/2024QLDMcleods Accounting
14Gillie Electrical Pty Ltd134 774 08415/01/2024QLDWorrells
13Lybec Pty Ltd626 330 49811/01/2024QLDSV Partners
12Hebron Films Pty Ltd 654 666 86911/01/2024QLDRevive
11Viksam Pty Ltd108 111 95911/01/2024VICHall Chadwick
10Argasm Pty Ltd604 144 02310/01/2024VICWorrells
9K & M Civil Services Pty Ltd120 346 85810/01/2024NSWNicols + Brien
8CHL Services Pty Ltd634 542 39510/01/2024QLDWorrells
7R. Shrestha Pty Ltd146 643 0858/01/2024QLDSV Partners
6Made by Marnee Pty Ltd166 827 4528/01/2024NSWOlvera Advisors
5JD Construction Mildura Pty Ltd 624 436 9429/01/2024VICDye & Co
4VDR on the Parade Pty Ltd627 159 3448/01/2024SATarquin Koch 
3Common Ones Pty Ltd634 879 7358/01/2024QLDB&T Advisory
2Blackout Electrical Solutions Pty Ltd163 589 0628/01/2024QLDWorrells
1Turners Constructions & Developments Pty Ltd622 693 1094/01/2024QLDRevive